Cover Feedback – Fit Girls Book #1

After extensive research, I’ve completely changed my cover for the first Fit Girl’s book, EXERCISE IS MURDER. What do you think? It’s now a Kindle book on Amazon!


Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder is the first book in a new series. The mystery finds fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill in hot water when she takes a temporary job at the Grand Teton Bluebird Resort. One of the rich, pampered guests turns up dead in a mud bath and everyone blames Paisley’s grueling workout. However, her keen eye—and experience with Tough Mudder races—spots tell-tale signs of electrocution. Determined to clear her name, Paisley sets out to find the killer—even if she’s the only one that knows there’s been a murder!

Reluctantly joining the amateur investigation is millennial Ellie Cruz, Paisley’s companion for the summer and her almost sister-in-law. But when Ellie’s brother—and Paisley’s ex-fiance, US Deputy Marshal Dolan Cruz—shows up to make it a federal case, it upsets everyone. He’s just trying to keep the two women he cares about out of trouble, but Paisley has a way of finding the clues first and exposing herself to the killer.

First blog post

Kicking off a new blog is a whole new kind of mystery, but I feel at home. I’ve been a student of thrilling reads, television shows and movies since forever. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, because I don’t feel that old… most days. When it comes to content, however, I’ve logged some serious hours. I see this as my chance to share some of the cool books I get my hands on, as well as anything else in the Mystery World that could be of interest to you!

And I’m open for suggestions. If you’ve read something you think I should read, please let me know. (BTW, this is a NO SPOILER zone. My reviews are just an overview to help you decide to read or not to read the book.)

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