Want Your Cozy Book Reviewed?

For a limited time… and I have no idea how long it will be… I am accepting indy author or traditionally published author submissions for review.

I only review cozy mystery books. If you’d like me to consider your book, please send a link to your Amazon page. If I’m interested, I’ll contact you for a Kindle or pdf copy.
I prefer short reads, as I’m also a writer and my free time is limited. However, I’ll still read books that are the normal length.
Most of the time, I like to purchase the books I review, and I have a huge backlog of books waiting on my Kindle, so I have to be very selective about the books I select. If your book is not selected, it’s because of my time constraints and not your amazing writing! All my love and support goes out to you — the cozy mystery writer! Never stop writing and finding your audience of fans!


Want Your Cozy Book Cover Reviewed?

From time-to-time, I’d like to share cozy book covers for feedback. As we build our blog, this will become more and more useful. However, I have several friends with well-developed artistic eyes, and they will comment. If you’d like to request that your cover be included in a review post, please read over the guidelines below to submit.

Your book must be published. A link will be included for anyone to purchase your book.
You must have ‘tough skin.’ Cozy On Up allows all comments. I will take down any comments that are mean spirited and not constructive, however, I might not get them down before you see something that you can not un-see. Comments are to help you improve future covers, and possibly update a current cover. You must own all rights to the cover.

You will need to submit your cover as a jpeg, a link to your book on Amazon, and what kind of feedback you are looking for to improve future covers. However, you won’t need those to request your cover review, only if your cover is selected.