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PET SHOWS ARE MURDER… especially when someone tries to steal your dog!

Paisley Summerhill has two problems going into her next job at a pet show convention in San Diego. One: her travel companion, Ellie Cruz, wants to adopt a dog—and they are surrounded by adorable puppies. Two: their hotel suite is already occupied—by a dead body! Before they know it, the clever fitness trainer and her young sidekick are pulled into another mystery.

The fun, thrilling short read, delivers several gripping twists:

• A Dog Twist: Paisley and Ellie take in a cute miniature schnauzer puppy, who’s stalked by a killer!
• A Brother Twist: Ellie’s brother Dolan Cruz plans to join the Fit Girls at the end of the convention for a little R&R. But the U.S. Marshal shows up early when things get dicey to save the day—which does not go over well.
• A Fit Girls Twist: Paisley & Ellie meet up with an old foe, complicating everything!

Every book in the Fit Girls Series is a short read, which means they are novella length. However, they are all complete mysteries, with a beginning, middle and end. The main characters carry over to the next story, but each book is one mystery. You can read them in any order, although the author likes readers to start with book one. If you do read them out of order, no worries. If there’s something you should know about the characters from prior books, it will be included. Just be assured that every book is a full story about the mysteries that arise as the main character, Paisley Summerhill, travels for her fitness training work and stumbles into a mystery to solve.