Writing Sprints

A tried and true way to jumpstart your writing is a Writing Sprint. A few of my local writing friends have started an online Writing Sprint that anyone can join. We’re doing it on YouTube!

Writers Write Writing Sprint on YouTube

Want some friendly motivation and someone to write with while you’re writing? You’ve found the right spot!

You know YouTube! It is free to join, but you can tune into the shows without even signing up. Honestly, if you join us it’s like watching grass grow. After all, it’s just me and my lap tops writing. Sometimes, I pulling in some friends online to write with me. BUT THE POINT IS for you to join in and write! We aren’t trying to entertain you, but just give you a couple writing buddies.

Join me every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 8am PST/11am EST. If you miss it live, you can always catch the recording. We are LIVE for one hour, and we get in two 25-minute writing sprints. Join us an GET WRITING!

Cozy Outline Help

Stumbled across a book that is part journal and part tips about what a Cozy Mystery is and how to outline a book. While it’s really for beginners, it is also a nice tool for an experienced writer that enjoys a new way to think through their plot. Check out the free preview below and see if it’s something you need. You can find it on Amazon.

How to Outline a Cozy Mystery by Sara Rosett

Do you want to write a cozy mystery but don’t know how to get started? This could be the book!

Podcast Alert!

I’m doing it! I’m creating a podcast. I read that most authors don’t podcast. (There’s probably a reason for that. Hmm…) Anyway, I’m doing it! And I will take you along on the journey. 

The question of the day: Should authors have a podcast?

Perhaps that the question of the month. I’ll be going over everything it takes to set up my podcast, along with the pros an cons that I experience. If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, perhaps this will help you decide. 

First Things First

What I’ve pulled together to start my podcast:

  1. A laptop with Garageband. I have a MacBook Air and am using Garageband to record my voice for the podcast. The program came with the computer, so it’s free. (I love free!) And it’s easy to work. (I love easy!) I found a great Youtube video to get me started on Garageband. It’s by Pat Flynn called “How to Record & Edit a Podcast in Garageband.” Pat has a ton of useful videos to get you started with podcasting. He’ll be my go-to guy on Youtube during this process.
  2. A microphone. I already had a Yeti microphone, so I’m using that. Having done research before about using my laptop’s built-in microphone or an external one that you plug into your laptop’s USB, the sound quality is MUCH better with the external mic. And the Yeti is affordable and simple to use. Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.45.32 PMThe only thing you need to make certain when using the Yeti is that you turn it on, or off mute. Otherwise, it doesn’t record and you spend ten minutes trying to figure out why you’ve recorded no sound. (I’m not saying that’s what happened to me, but I’ve warned you.) This is very close to what my setup looks like:
  3. A logo. You’ll need an image or logo to use when you finally put your podcast on iTunes or a similar service. I use Canva, which is free and excellent. It’s very drop and click. If you have any experience with creative programs like Photoshop or even making a flyer in Word, this will be easy. I have an iStock account, so I found my logo artwork there, but Pixabay is a site for free artwork that I use a lot when blogging. And Canva has several designs for logos that you can also use. Here’s what I came up with for now: Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 5.04.38 PM

If any of the above sounds hard, you’ll need to find someone that can help you. Do you have a ten-year-old niece? Turns out, I’ve been developing these skills for years, while I was goofing around. Who knew?

Okay, that’s all the things I did to get started. Next up, creating the content of my podcast seems soooo easy, but is it???

Cover Feedback!

Cozy Book Covers Have a Look All Their Own

Have you noticed the unique style of Cozy Mystery books? They favor illustrations that depict the book’s locale and the main character’s hobby or job. If our amateur sleuth runs a bakery, there will be cupcakes! And if she has a pet… look for an adorable dog or cat on the cover.

As a writer who’s taken over where only publishing companies dared to tread, I struggle with book covers. And I’m offering up my first cozy mystery book cover for feedback.

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