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AND BOOK #5 is coming soon: “Fit Girls: Midnight is Murder” set in Las Vegas!

The mystery, mayhem & fun continue!!! Book 4 in the Fit Girls Cozy Mystery series is out and ready to read in KINDLE!!! Check-out the whole series, or jump in wherever you like! These short-reads are complete mysteries, but fast to digest like an episode in your favorite TV show!

BOOK #1 in the Fit Girls Cozy Mystery Series

Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder


Accepting a job at an exclusive mountain resort should be fun… until a guest dies after taking your spin class! Fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill finds herself in hot water. If her class really caused the guest’s death, she’ll never get another job at a posh resort. Luckily, she’s good at puzzles… and when she learns the deceased had a string of lovers, using the resort to meet them behind his wife’s back, she taps into resort gossip and finds several worthy suspects.

Paisley secretly investigates, with the help of her younger friend Ellie Cruz, who’s almost like a sister (since Ellie’s brother is Paisley’s ex-fiancé). When they dig a little too deep into the accidental death, it turns into a murder — for more than one guest — and Paisley goes from a suspect to a potential victim!

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BOOK #2 in the Fit Girls Cozy Mystery Series

Fit Girls: Weddings are Murder

WEDDINGS ARE MURDER… especially when a skeleton shows up for the ceremony!

Paisley Summerhill finds herself in the thick of it again! Her challenge: fit a fussy bride and her three bridesmaids into their dresses before the big day! Luckily, it’s all in a day’s work for the clever fitness trainer and her friend, Ellie Cruz. Unfortunately, bad weather exposes a skeleton at the dream wedding location! It unearths rumors about the disappearance of an heiress twenty years ago. The Fit Girls use the old mystery to distract, and motivate, their charges, until it stirs up trouble in the present! Once again, Paisley and Ellie go where no fitness trainers should, as they get everyone in shape to solve a murder!

For a short read, FIT GIRLS: WEDDINGS ARE MURDER offers several tantalizing twists:

• A Mystery twist: Follow the clues Paisley uncovers and see if you can find the killer first!
• A Heart-wrenching twist: Paisley & Ellie see trouble for the bride, as all their suspects could ruin the wedding. They want to save the bride’s big day–and her life!
• A Fit Girls twist: Paisley & Ellie are given permission to solve an old mystery, but it has deadly complications in the present!

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BOOK #3 in the Fit Girls Cozy Mystery Series

Fit Girls: Pet Shows are Murder

PET SHOWS ARE MURDER… especially when someone steals your puppy!

Paisley Summerhill has two problems going into her next job at a pet show convention in San Diego. One: her travel companion, Ellie Cruz, wants to adopt a dog—and they are surrounded by adorable puppies. Two: their hotel suite is already occupied—by a dead body! Before they know it, the clever fitness trainer and her young sidekick are pulled into another mystery.

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BOOK #4 in the Fit Girls Cozy Mystery Series

Fit Girls: Train Trips are Murder

TRAINS ARE MURDER… especially when traveling as the guest of a KILLER!

Murder once again spices up the lives of fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill and her friend Ellie Cruz. This time, it’s all at the bidding of a former lady killer—Felicity Lange—who’s deadly path they crossed in Book 1 at the Grand Teton Bluebird Resort. But she wants their help! For exactly what is unclear, but it starts with a trip on a luxurious Edwardian train and a bunch of interesting passengers. One has something to hide and it is deadly! It’s a unique request, as it comes with the blessing of the U.S. Marshal’s office and a task force after Felicity. Of course, Paisley’s ex and Ellie’s brother, Dolan Cruz, is along for the ride. He might not be as enthusiastic about working a case with two women he cares about, but he’ll stick close to keep them out of trouble—or will he? Paisley has a way of getting into the thick of a mystery. While Ellie and their puppy Milo have her back, she’ll need all the extra help! Their train trip turns deadly when they discover a hidden treasure at the center of their mystery!

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