Cozy On Up

Ready for a good, fun, thrilling mystery? We got ya covered!

Fit Girls Cozy Mysteries Series

Paisley Summerhill and her almost-sister, Ellie Cruz, travel between fancy resorts and unique gigs for Paisley’s job as a fitness instructor. Along the way, they have a knack for stumbling into trouble that usually includes a perplexing puzzle and a dead body. Luckily, their friendship is a bond that can get them through anything! Jump into this book series to enjoy a fun, fast-paced thriller!

Four Books in the Series

Also available in LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK!

“Enough twists and turns kept me flipping the pages. And no, I didn’t figure out who the killer was, and I certainly never saw the twist coming. If you enjoy flirty, fun, excellent mysteries, this one is for you!” –Denise, Amazon Reviewer