Writing Sprints

A tried and true way to jumpstart your writing is a Writing Sprint. A few of my local writing friends have started an online Writing Sprint that anyone can join. We’re doing it on Twitch!

Writers Write Writing Sprint on Twitch

Want some friendly motivation and someone to write with while you’re writing? You’ve found the right spot!

Twitch is free to join and is usually used by gamers to watch other gamers play, but we’ve found it works for writers, too. Honestly, if you join us it’s like watching grass grow. After all, it’s just several women at their lap tops writing. BUT THE POINT IS for you to join us and write! We aren’t trying to entertain you, but just give you a couple writing buddies.

Join us every Monday & Friday morning at 8am PST/11am EST. If you miss us live, you can always catch the recording. We are LIVE for one hour, and we get in two 25-minute writing sprints. Join us an GET WRITING!

Cozy Outline Help

Stumbled across a book that is part journal and part tips about what a Cozy Mystery is and how to outline a book. While it’s really for beginners, it is also a nice tool for an experienced writer that enjoys a new way to think through their plot. Check out the free preview below and see if it’s something you need. You can find it on Amazon.

How to Outline a Cozy Mystery by Sara Rosett

Do you want to write a cozy mystery but don’t know how to get started? This could be the book!