Cover Feedback – Fit Girls Book #1

After extensive research, I’ve completely changed my cover for the first Fit Girl’s book, EXERCISE IS MURDER. What do you think? It’s now a Kindle book on Amazon!


Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder is the first book in a new series. The mystery finds fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill in hot water when she takes a temporary job at the Grand Teton Bluebird Resort. One of the rich, pampered guests turns up dead in a mud bath and everyone blames Paisley’s grueling workout. However, her keen eye—and experience with Tough Mudder races—spots tell-tale signs of electrocution. Determined to clear her name, Paisley sets out to find the killer—even if she’s the only one that knows there’s been a murder!

Reluctantly joining the amateur investigation is millennial Ellie Cruz, Paisley’s companion for the summer and her almost sister-in-law. But when Ellie’s brother—and Paisley’s ex-fiance, US Deputy Marshal Dolan Cruz—shows up to make it a federal case, it upsets everyone. He’s just trying to keep the two women he cares about out of trouble, but Paisley has a way of finding the clues first and exposing herself to the killer.